The Desert Trail Association is a recreation oriented Organization dedicated to the development of a National Desert Scenic Trail and to the protection of the western desert.

The DTA was organized to promote a continuing desert trail from the Canadian to the Mexican Border. Much has been accomplished to this end. State agencies in California, Nevada and Oregon have incorporated this concept into their trail systems. Federal Agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, The US Forest Service, The National Park Service and the Bureau of Fish and Wildlife have been actively assisting with making the trail a reality across land which they administer.

Agreements have been reached and Trail Guides printed for 8 segments of the trail covering a distance of more than 300 miles. Two additional segments are in the final process of being completed. Other segments are in various stages of development. These Trail Guides are available through the DTA and various outdoors stores.

  Another objective of the DTA is to promote and conduct recreational hiking and other outings in the western deserts. Each year the DTA sponsors hikes and activities such a Fall Color trip in the Steens mountains. Outings to observe spring flowers, cross country ski and to raft desert rivers have been sponsored in the past.

Information about scheduled events, hike descriptions and topics related to the desert are published quarterly in the DTA's newsletter, DESERT TRAILS.

From border to border, the Desert Trail traverses some of the most interesting areas of the western United States. It crosses alpine meadows, skirts shallow lakes teeming with waterfowl, passes by streams, falls, caves and chasms. Here it will go down a gorge, there by a marsh, cross sand dunes and bypass volcanic craters. As one tarries by a cool spring or reflects on the color of lichens or of a rock face, you realize you could be on another world. This is the Desert Trail traversing a land largely unknown and rarely visited.

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